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"My music is like J Dilla and Tchaikovsky gave birth to my own genre 'Cinematic Soul'"

- V the Martian


Reasons to love & listen

Nicknamed V the Martian, her music takes you through an out of body experience with a blend of eclectic musical influences: from gospel, to soul, funk, and classical.

Brought up with symphony and bbq, this Tennessee native’s skill is recognized throughout the music community as she has fiddled in accompaniment with acts like Fiona Apple, Burna Boy, Yaya Bey, Pink Siifu, Tolliver, and Kid Cudi. As a self-identified extroverted introvert, V oscillates between quietly soaking up the wisdom and power of the creative women that came before, and outpouring her own truths through candid and comedic freestyles. While actualizing her dreams, V speaks to us about her mission to use her musical gifts to inspire those who don’t feel good enough.

- Alex & Anna (TurnOntheAC)


a playlist curated by V.C.R. of artists that have influenced & shaped her musical identities. And artists to whom they pass the torch!

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