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Miso Extra

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"A Power Ranger working at their day job serving ramen at a drive through on Mars."

- Miso Extra


Reasons to love & listen

Just like umami, the addictive fifth flavor that we all love so dearly, so is Miso Extra's music. As she so perfectly put it herself, it’s that flavor / sound that you can’t get enough of but also can’t quite put your finger on. With decadent n delicious production, she's regaining and reclaiming her Asian identity through her ability to communicate in both English and Japanese. She tells us, “If you use humor, or if you can disguise things in a way that people find accessible, they’re more likely to pay attention.” And people are definitely paying attention to her... played across the UK airwaves and around Japan, her nimble bangers have already arrived on the US scene and are sure to be unstoppable. Miso is reassuring listeners that it’s okay to hold multiple identities… in fact it’s actually a secret weapon and what makes for a person with great taste.

- Alex & Anna (TurnOntheAC)


a playlist curated by Miso Extra of artists that have influenced & shaped their musical identities. And artists to whom they pass the torch!

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