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Lily Rayne

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"My music is like Kelis meeting her long lost friend at H&M."

- Lily


Reasons to love & listen

Lily Rayne is an artist with an authentic sense of self which emanates through her musical style and presence. Hailing from the creative capitol of Providence, Rhode Island, she fuses traditional R&B/Hip Hop roots with ATL trap and adds her own personalized twist. Already gaining traction through taste making publications Billboard and Sleeping on Gems, she’s been recognized for her striking visualizers that accompany her projects. She talks to us about the balance between being a badass and showing a softer side, admiring the paths trail-blazed by the likes of Missy and Rihanna. At the same time, she grapples with the influence the digital space has on our lives, especially as a Gen Z and queer artist. Above all, Lily strives to create music for the eclectic masses, enjoy the journey, and make a return back to her home of Rhode Island to contribute her talents and further grow the community of creatives.

- Alex & Anna (TurnOntheAC)

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