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King Isis

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

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"My music is like Kurt Cobain and Erykah Badu spreading fairy dust at a rave in the forest."

- King Isis


Reasons to love & listen

How to describe the beautiful Oakland native, King Isis? Three words: humble, powerful, and mysterious. Our love spark began with their incredible cover of “Green Eyes” by the legendary Erykah Badu and through videos of their live acoustic performances at Sofar Sounds. Not only can they sing, rap, and play multiple instruments, but their ability to meld genres and reintroduce us to the realm of emo grrl punk with their song, “Strange Luv,” is truly something to applaud. Their new single “Sparkly,” has us in our feels as we find ourselves swaying to the drum rhythm accompanied by their vulnerable lyrics and emotionally filled vibrato. Their honesty and candor when it comes to the difficult and incomplete journey of finding identity resonates. But at the end of the day, their voice assures us that everything will be okay.

- Alex & Anna (TurnOntheAC)


a playlist curated by King Isis of artists that have influenced & shaped their musical identities. And artists to whom they pass the torch!

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