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Jordan Hawkins

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"My music is like Jimi Hendrix's special addition Honey mixed with a little heat'"

- Jordan Hawkins


Reasons to love & listen

Raised on YouTube and church choir, Jordan Hawkins draws inspiration from the string Gods themselves - Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and John Mayer. You can hear the cultivation of the amalgamation of sounds through his EP called Heart Don’t Stop while he continues to prove his musical growth in his recent release “Honey” with up and coming hip hop duo, EarthGang. Hailing originally from Greensborough, North Carolina, Jordan calls Los Angeles home, where he finds himself amongst his music community/family.

He mentions that the soulfulness never leaves his music and its his full voice quality that truly backs up this statement. Bringing avant-garde fluid fashion to the stage, we look forward to the return of his live performances at Philadelphia’s Roots Picnic 2022 festival. Keep your ears open and ready for the release of his three upcoming EPs - evoking emotions that will take you through the stages of love.

- Alex & Anna (TurnOntheAC)

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