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Hot Potato Playlist No. 6

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Hot Potato! Hot Potato! Coming hot to ya...highlighting artists who keep us moving through turbulent times. This week we celebrate the joy of dance, embrace and being in touch with the movements of your body!


Vibe Checks

ENNY ('Peng Black Girls')

Spotify | Instagram

Pre-gaming with your peeps is back - You take a celebratory sip of bev choice and sing "We gonna be alright ok, OK?" to each other as you all rejoice finally being back together.

Yeek ('Only in the West')

Spotify | Instagram

You just picked up Cholada on the PCH and are enjoying the sunset with Rosenthal Winery behind you. The first date is going well, you're happy to be back on the West coast!

Aby Coulibay ('Long Nights')

Spotify | Instagram

You're walking home from your shift at the bodega. You're contemplating if you should meet up with your late night ting or have a self-care kinda evening...but the city lights are beckoning you to go out and play.

Liniker ('Psiu')

Spotify | Instagram

Touching the fabrics of your ex's shirts, you start taking one off of the hanger, at the time, and throwing it into a trash pile. You're done. Might even burn it all.

Peach Tree Rascals ('Mango')

Spotify | Instagram

Sunny and sweet like push-up pops on a hot Summer day in childhood, grass between your toes, wasting the day away sans digital distractions.

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