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Hot Potato Playlist No. 4

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Hot Potato! Hot Potato! Coming hot to ya...highlighting artists in support of their undeniable talent whose tunes serve up our soundtrack of Spring with the glimmer of vaccine freedom.


Vibe Checks

Unusual Demont ('Purple')

Spotify | Instagram

You’re sitting in your bedroom chair staring out the window. Sultry, sexy, and purple velvet tones drift through your mind as you reminisce on last night’s meet up with your ex.

Jayda G ('Both Of Us - Edit')

Spotify | Instagram

The salty breeze tangles your hair while sea-spray mists your body, splashing lightly into your glass of Aperol Spritz in hand. Somehow you’ve found yourself on a yacht in Ibiza, dancing around the front of the boat.

Emotional Oranges ('West Coast Love')

Spotify | Instagram

Roller skating down Venice Beach Boardwalk. Levis shorts hugging your waist. Licking ice cream piled high in a waffles cone, soaking up the sun in simple bliss. You're feeling like a true West Coast native (you're not a cliche you swear).

JBABE ('Pussy Palace')

Spotify | Instagram

Warm, shimmery, easy, familiar, like your senior spring - you're close to the end. The real world is approaching so you savor every last moment of routine silliness: spliffy picnics, late night grubs, and aimless car rides.

Kokoroko ('Ti-De')

Spotify | Instagram

You’ve never played a musical instrument in your life but suddenly you want to learn how to. The jazzy lounge vibrations instill relaxation to the max while you escape with the faint sounds of Fela Kuti’s influence.

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