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Hot Potato Playlist No. 3

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Hot Potato! Hot Potato! Coming hot to ya...this week's highlighted Asian artists in honor and support of the undeniably talented artists we love.


Vibe Checks

Little Dragon ('Timothy')

Spotify | Instagram

Shimmying your body in a beaded skirt to the beat of funky 80s synths while you’re dancing on a grassy lawn.

MICHELLE ('Sunrise')

Spotify | Instagram

Soaking up the sun on a park bench, with the companionship of melodic voices, while you reflect on your first summer love.

Spill Tab ('Pistolwhip')

Spotify | Instagram

Whipping through the desert on red Harley, leading a female renegade to bring down institutionalization.


Spotify | Instagram

Driving down the PCH with a silk scarf in your hair, Topo Chico in the cup holder.

Mr.Carmack ('Tuesday')

Spotify | Instagram

Dark roast morning coffee euphoria at your work from home desk, on that spreadsheet grind… it’s Tuesday, so last weekend has already been forgotten, while the upcoming one shimmers in the distance.

Jai Paul ('All Night')

Spotify | Instagram

Nighttime lit by the moon, feet in the sand, slight buzz from Modelo in hand, content from copious amounts of chips and salsa consumed earlier.

Tokimonsta ('Bibimbap')

Spotify | Instagram

Wearing a warm puffy jacket while solo walking through a blanket of impenetrably thick fog. The air you breathe out is crisp and your thoughts are wise.

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