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Hot Potato Playlist No. 2

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Hot Potato! Hot Potato! Coming hot to ya...this week's highlighted Black artists in honor of Black History Month and in support of the undeniably talented artists we love.


Reasons to love & listen


Spotify | Instagram

We all were introduced to the soulful Alabama native Mereba through her instant classic “Black Truck.” But every song thereafter hits as hard, making a “rhythm & blues” track feel like she is the missing piece of the puzzle. Vibe: reflective sun soaked car ride on a Sunday.

Unusual Demont

Spotify | Instagram

If Frank Ocean and Steve Lacey were to have a vocal baby, their baby would be Unusual Demont. His dreamy vulnerable voice matched with the catchy upbeat rhythm of his new single “Pine” are one of our current favorite songs at the moment! Keep an eye out for him!

Amber Mark

Spotify | Instagram

Self-taught Tennessean artist Amber Mark, has had an impactful life journey that not only influences her creativity but echoes through her lyricism and voice. Her sultry rasp can not only do a soul shattering cover of “Heart Shaped Box” but can guide the funky melody of a Franc Moody remix.


Spotify | Instagram

German born producer IAMNOBODI has the music equivalents of salt, fat, acid, heat - cooking up all the components to serve us up a masterful meal. In addition to working with some of the coolest names in hip hop, his smooth n jazzy electronic tracks speak for themselves. Vibe: dim lit bar, velvet booths, whisky sour in hand, slightly flushed cheeks and maybe a drop of upper lip sweat.

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