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Hot Potato Playlist No. 1

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Hot Potato! Hot Potato! Coming hot to ya...this week's highlighted Black artists in honor of Black History Month and in support of the undeniably talented artists we love.


Reasons to love & listen

Van Jess

Spotify | Instagram

Nigerian-American sister duo, VanJess, harmonize so well that at times we can hardly tell their honey-like voices apart. Making R&B “fetch” again, the pair compliment the deep voice of Channel Tres in the recently released “Recap”. Get ready to snap and sway all the way through “Come Over,” an

instantly timeless track.


Spotify | Instagram

UK based singer’s new album “Not Your Muse” brings back the soulful sound/ jazz vibrations of the legendary Amy Winehouse - particularly “Love is Back”. Accompanied by the Gotts Street Park, her velvety voice in the song “Lately” is the ultimate sad girl anthem to help support a long overdue break up (if you’re sick of your partner in quarantine ;) )

Kyle Dion

Spotify | Instagram

Did we mention that we love “baby making” music? Because if we didn’t here’s an artist whose high falsetto, arguably like the king of Pop - Michael Jackson, featuring funkadelic beats will make you want to have his babies ASAP. If you want to be transported to a funk/pop utopia then give his album “Suga” a listen!


Spotify | Instagram

We love Seattle based DJ / producer for his INSANE globally influenced beats. Sango melds hip-hop and electronic music seamlessly and is known as a master of Brazilian funk samples. You may recognize him/his music from the Los Angeles collective Soulection (which also deserves a big shoutout). If you wanna vibe out while buying chocolate and red wine at Trader Joes or be transported to a warm night dancing under colorful lights, check out Sango in his many forms.

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