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Don't Panic It's Organic

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Don't Panic...It's Organic. Post 4/20, pre-Earth Day. Another spring refresher playlist highlighting some fabulous emerging / blossoming / thriving artists!


Vibe Checks

Rae Khalil ('All Star')

Spotify | Instagram

In your head your shimmy spinning in your roller skates, feeling the steady cadence of the flashing disco lights hit your body, but really you’re just working up that Monday motivation through the Starbucks drive-through.

Anjimile ('Baby No More')

Spotify | Instagram

Biking down Brooklyn Bridge, it’s July and you’re on the way to work. The sun is rising over the shimmery water and you’ve had enough of your summer fling...time for another post work drink sesh to move into the next!

Channel Tres ('Weedman')

Spotify | Instagram

You just got off work and you’re about to pull up to the dispensary. As you walk in, the sign says they’re having a BOGO deal for an eighth of the top shelf stuff and you can’t help but do a little celebratory dance.

Ginger Root ('Weather')

Spotify | Instagram

Simon & Garfunkel had a prodigal son that you’re now watching perform at the Echoplex. Polo striped t-shirts, Carhart, cigarettes, arm tats surround you - doesn’t get more indie than this moment.

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