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Dos Leches


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"Our music is like Kevin Parker selling milk products on the internet."

- Alvaro and Salvador (Dos Leches)

Reasons to love & listen:

When you think of the symbolic Yin and Yang, the wavy El Paso duo known as Dos Leches come to mind. Their chameleon-like genre reflects a fusion of bandmates Alvaro and Salvador whose contrasting influences - one based in hip-hop and rap and the other, alternative and psychedelic rock, are apparent in their unique sound. While creating a song, they go back and forth on the details, a process/genre they invented and have termed “bicker pop,” but somehow always manage to arrive at brilliance. Let them transport you in a peach fuzzy, desert space in their single “Peachy (Te Quiero).” In their newest single “Loco,” you’ll journey to a Digital tech log, a song with a nostalgic nod to your early internet days while making specific reference to today’s phone centered soul sucking reality. Proving the range in talent and variation the pair can reach, both in lyricism and technique!

- Alex & Anna (TurnOntheAC)

A playlist made by Dos Leches of artists that have influenced & shaped their musical identities. + passing the torch! 

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