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Unusual Demont


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“My music is like Michael Jackson dropping out of college and starting an alt band.”

- Unusual Demont

Reasons to love & listen:

We had the pleasure of chatting with alternative R&B artist Unusual Demont. He paints emotion in expressive hues (literally when dabbling in visual arts and figuratively through his music); his favorite color falls somewhere between lavender and lilac which is possibly why he went with the overarching color “Purple” for the title of his latest single; and his essence is soothing and sweet like the slow burn of Alex’s bedside incense and Anna’s bathtub candles. But don’t underestimate him based off his easygoing energy, because at the precarious age of 21 he’s already checked off most of his life goals in the ~letter to future self~ he wrote just a few years back. Oh and fun fact - he turned down a Disney offer back in the day because he’s just that cool n self-assured! 

- Alex & Anna (TurnOntheAC)

A playlist made by Unusual Demont of artists that have influenced & shaped his musical identity.

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