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We are Alex Coustar and Anna Chang, two gals in our mid 20s living in LA and NYC. Alex, born and raised in Los Angeles, identifies as “IndoFrench,” half Indonesian and half French. Anna, born and raised in San Francisco, identifies as “Jewrean”: half Korean, half Canadian, and Jewish.

We both love cheese fondue (despite lactose intolerance), funky/soulful/baby making music, and anyone who can do a spot on imitation of their foreign parents ranting about America. We are akin to all the music lovers out there, happiest when finding, sharing, and grooving to new tunes together.

Today, we feel empowered by the unbelievably talented + badass individuals who are carving out their own spaces in music and working towards positively impacting the world around them. We started the podcast "TurnOntheAC" to elevate and amplify the voices of artists who don't fit the mold…and to bring on the banter while sharing some great tunes.

We hope you will subscribe and tune in monthly, wherever you get your podcasts!

Get to know us better through some of our staple songs:

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